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Our BASIC price and plan is $80 every other month with a one year contract.

(If the contract is discontinued for any reason before the end of the 12 month commitment a $100 cancellation fee will be applied.)

This includes general household pests such as ants, spiders, earwigs, mice, rats, crickets, wasps, and roaches. In most cases the treatment area will be the exterior, landscaping, yard, and garage for a standard sized home and lot. 

The goal is to prevent the pests from entering into the home from the outside.

On occasion an interior treatment may be necessary.

This also includes rat and mouse control with a possible additional fee for the purchase of tamper proof bait stations.

The BASIC price and plan is subject to change upon inspection, infestation, property size, or customers preference.

Our BASIC plan excludes termites, bedbugs, flies, mosquitos, slugs, fleas, wildlife, snakes and lizards, birds, and other unusual miscellaneous pests.

These pests would require a specific inspection and would have a special price and plan based upon inspection.

PRICE AND PLAN: Terms of Use
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